“170 years. She is almost two centuries old. But she is not the Ifea of my youth. As this parchment absorbs ink, the Union of Ifea is anything but.

“During the Magitek Revolution, the Kraden Empire transformed this continent, unlocking the secrets of the arcane. Without a natural link to the feywild, the mortals depended on minerals tied to this magical source. The growth of and dependence on magitek industry led to desperation. When Kraden’s western provinces were oppressed to strip them of their mineral wealth, they threatened the Empire with secession. Named for Mount Ifea, the site of a slaughtered mining town, the new Union used its dominance of resources to win the Ifean War for Independence.

“Time has healed many of the wounds between Kraden and Ifea, creating a peaceful brotherhood, but it has widened the distance between Ifea’s eighteen states. The Seven Nations are the only force holding the Union together, and I doubt they’re prepared for this storm.”

Bonds of the Battlefield